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DNA 40 Temperature control MOD

Box Mod DNA 40 (Made in China)

You need to use special coils that are included in the package to enable Temperature Control.

Output Power 1 watt 40 watts
Output Voltage 1 volt 9.0 volts
Output Current, continuous 16.0 amps
Output Current, instantaneous peak .16 Ohm .7 Ohm 2.0 Ohms
Atomizer Resistance, temperature sensing wire, cold .10 Ohm .4 Ohm 1.0 Ohm
Temperature Limit 200 F 450 F 600 F
Input Voltage 3.1 volts 3.7 volts 4.3 volts
Input Current .5 amps 8.0 amps 16.0 amps
Screen On Current 25mA
Quiescent Current 1mA
Power Down Current 5uA
Efficiency 92%
Footprint .65" x 1.30" .80" x 1.30"
Thickness .32"
Screen Size .69 OLED
510 Compatible

Temperature Control
The DNA 40 is the first power supply for electronic cigarettes to directly measure and limit the temperature of the heating coil during operations. By preventing the coil from becoming too hot regardless of fluid, wicking or airflow, a variety of undesirable situations can be prevented.


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